Tuesday, November 16, 2004

George Will: Liberals' belief in American stupidity

I'm in good company again. George Will notes how liberals believe that the majority of Americans are idiots, and this belief makes them feel better about their own detachedness...which they mistake for "intellectual superiority."

An excerpt (full column here):

A small but significant, because articulate, sliver of the Democratic Party seems to relish interpreting the party's defeat as validation. This preening faction reasons as follows: the re-election of George W. Bush proves that 51 percent of the electorate are homophobic, gun-obsessed, economically suicidal, antiscience, theocratic dunces. Therefore to be rejected by them is to have one's intellectual and moral superiority affirmed.

This insult directed at the electorate must appall most Democrats, who would prefer to be validated by victories. But disdain for the judgment of average Americans now colors various aspects of American life.

This disdain for normal America has been flourishing for quite some time, although note how the left likes to point to Clinton's two terms and above-average approval ratings as proof that Americans were smart enough to see through partisan rhetoric about Billary! For some reason, when Bush enjoys average to above-average ratings and a more sound re-election result than Clinton had in 1996...well, NOW all of a sudden, the same once-before intelligent American electorate has been transformed into a collective of imbeciles. Funny how that works when the numbers don't support your guy!