Sunday, November 14, 2004

The 2004 county-by-county red/blue map

I know, it's a little late, but someone did e-mail me about having not seen the map. You know, the map that shows all counties in the U.S. coded red (Bush) or blue (Kerry). It's a giant see of red with blue dots sprinkled here and there (admittedly most concentrated in New England).

Here it is (opens new window): link

Note how there are four states that had NO counties go for Kerry: Alaska, Utah, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. Kansas let us down, with one county going for Kerry. I'm guessing it's the one where Lawrence (a university town) is, but I don't know for certain. And there was actually a county in Wyoming that went for Kerry? I'm guessing Laramie, home of the only four-year college in the whole state.

Also note how Missouri, for being a "swing" state, had three counties go for Kerry. It's the counties holding Kansas City (urban), St. Louis (urban), and Jefferson City (big government, state capital). Other than that, the rest of the state was all Bush.