Sunday, November 14, 2004

More on Olbermann's "Dan Rather moment"

Finally, is back up and will allow me to post this time!

Heh! Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed Olbermann's use of debunked Internet innuendo and "post hoc ergo propter hoc" logic in his eager reporting of a "stolen election" scoop. It's a scoop of something, all right!

An excerpt from the Pittsburgh columnist Bill Steigerwald (full, and highly entertaining, story here):

The recovering sportscaster is openly liberal and his irreverent, run-and-quip offense is easy to detest. But I kind of like him and his fast-paced infotainment show, which has the fatal misfortune to occupy the 8 p.m. time slot opposite Fox's "The O'Reilly Factor."

Olbermann, however, really made a Dan Rather of himself last week.

Here's another gem found a little later in the column:

Olbermann had made a big sinister deal about 29 counties whose registered voters were predominantly Democrat "suddenly" voting "overwhelmingly for Mr. Bush." He slyly left the impression that massive vote-stealing could have been perpetrated by ballot tabulating companies like Diebold, whose bosses were known Bush allies.

I called Baker County, Fla., Olbermann's first example. Yes, twanged the cheery election lady, 69 percent of voters in her rural county on the Georgia border are registered Democrat. Yes, "Mr. Boosh" got 78 percent of the vote and trounced Kerry, 7,738 to 2,180.

This was nothing new or untoward, she said. Folks in Florida's Panhandle are conservative, especially on social and moral issues. They mostly register as Democrats and vote that way on local issues, but in national and state elections, they go Republican. Been doing so for years.

Mr. "Boosh", huh?'s true! I can attest to the Baker County example, since it borders my county to the west, and I've been there numerous times. It's a very conservative county, where they love God, country, and their armed forces; and where they detest liberalism to its core. Baker County is but one county of nearly all Southern and rural counties that may have lots of Democrats, but they've been off the plantation for a few decades now.

Yes...those same counties voted the same way four years ago. This, of course, is further proof that the national Democratic party has no clue as to the voting patterns of Southern Democrats, especially in national elections. This detachment further perpetuates the national Dems' bewilderment and frustration, not to mention talks about secession.

How sick of me to get off on watching the MSM's continued downward spiral! Remind me later to care, m'kay?