Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Why the end of the election is NOT the end of the fight!

The fight against liberalism rages on, and the following situation illustrates this point clearly...along with the point that the MSM still does NOT get it! They continue with their bias, refusing to see how they contributed to the demise of Kerry and the rest of the Dems who ran in '04.

Gallup poll: Bush is at 55% job approval and they say here that this is "his best job rating since last January."

NYT headline: "Americans Show Clear Concerns on Bush Agenda." Story here. It's a result of a CBS/NYT poll (CBS aka "See? B.S. !"). And a loaded push-poll at that.

See, folks? The battle rages on, and the education continues! As long as there is a clueless MSM, people like me will always have something to flap our gums about.