Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Iraqis in U.S. voting in Iraqi election...here!

From Neal Boortz:

There are 240,000 Iraqis in the United States that are eligible to vote in the upcoming Iraqi elections. To ensure their participation, polling places have been set up throughout the country in Maryland, Los Angeles, Nashville, Chicago and Detroit. Yesterday, the first batch of folks started to trickle in. Now, keep in mind that the mainstream media in this country wants you to be convinced that democracy in Iraq is doomed, the election will be a failure and the war in Iraq was a mistake. With that in mind, let's take a look at what some of the Iraqis in the United States are doing to be sure they are registered to vote:

  • Nouman Shubbar, a Philadelphia police sergeant, drove 2 1/2 hours just so he could register to vote. Said Mr. Shubbar: "It's a historical event. I'm very happy, and I'm very proud that for the first time we have free elections." He will make the same drive in a couple weeks to actually cast his ballot.

  • Osama Al-Moosawi lives in Delaware and made the drive to Maryland because he didn't want to miss out on the chance to vote. He was speechless, and even posed for pictures in front of the registration table. "It's amazing, unbelievable," he said.

  • 67-year-old Abdul Al-Haddad drove six hours from Raleigh, Carolina to New Carrollton, Maryland to register to vote. Speaking through a translator, he said ''I feel I am responsible for my country, to build a free Iraq."

    This is the first free election Iraq will have had in 50 years. Just look at the faces of these Iraqi expatriates going so far to be able to vote in these elections. Despite what you read in the media and hear from the Democrats, these people want freedom and democracy. And they are going to get it, despite the naysayers who continue to say it will never happen, that it's impossible.

    Compare these Iraqi expatriates to Americans. How many of your neighbors would drive two and one-half hours just to register? We had people who wouldn't wait one hour to vote! And now these people are whining that they were "disenfranchised." While the Iraqis stand up to terrorists and Islamic thugs who will kill to keep them from voting, John Kerry complains that Americans who didn't have the time to wait in line for an hour, or whose legs hurt so they went home, were "suppressed."

    Oh, and by the way....is Hillary Clinton going to tell all of these Iraqi women that they were better off under Saddam Hussein? She said that, you know.

  • Of course, if the liberals had it their way, Iraqis would still be getting raped, tortured, oppressed, and killed by the Saddam Hussein regime. Libs feel that Iraqis are people who do not deserve and are not entitled to the same rights that Americans enjoy. Those rights are bestowed upon us by God, not government...a message that liberals do not yet understand or accept.