Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The "New Boxer Rebellion"

Did anyone see the grilling that Dr. Rice got from her Leftness from the Loony Coast, Senator Barbara Boxer? It was quite shameful, really.

Boxer impugned Rice's intelligence and integrity with the content and tone of her questions. This, of course, is the same Barbara Boxer that cried when Bush received the Ohio electors...and the same Boxer who was the only Senator to vote against accepting the Ohio electors.

Barbara Boxer is officially the designated kook mascot of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. With her declaration of war on Bush, Rice, and the majority of Americans who voted for Bush, as well as her declaration of war on normal America, she has begun the "New Boxer Rebellion."

Michael Goodwin of the NY Daily News has a great column that can be summed up like this:
Boxer and Kennedy are living in the past, back when it was okay for limousine liberals to tell the rest of us how to live. And maybe they're going a little nuts with frustration because white-bread Bush was reelected and he's the one nominating the first Hispanic attorney general and the first black female secretary of state.

Whatever's bugging them, Kennedy and Boxer need to get a grip. They're embarrassing themselves and defining their party as a bunch of sour-grapes, out-of-touch losers. All the talk about Dems moving back to the political center and working with Bush is being demolished every time these two open their potty mouths.

Of course, there is another, even more scary possibility: Maybe Kennedy and Boxer actually speak for the majority of their party.

In that case, Dems are in more trouble than they can ever imagine.
Makes me even gladder that I'm not, nor could I ever be, a liberal...I'm just not that unhinged or perverted.