Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Dems challenging Ohio electors?

Boy, these idiots just don't get it. I really don't have a problem with their latest antics, since the more they show their asses about Ohio (and their massive Election Day losses), the more they will continue to lose elections. Americans are getting a first-hand glimpse at how low the liberals will sink in order to steal an election they didn't win. They're seeing it in Washington state with the "count-til-you-win" heist strategy employed by Christine "Fraudoire", and now they're seeing it in Ohio. Full story here.

According to Democratic Congressman John Conyers of Michigan, "We have found numerous, serious election irregularities in the Ohio presidential election. There are ample grounds for challenging the electors from the state of Ohio."

Bring it on, losers!

Do you know what constitutes "serious election irregularities" to them? The fact that more people actually voted for Bush! No WAY could that have really happened! Never mind that he won the state by 118,599 votes after a statewide manual recount. Never mind that he won what was once more important to liberals (the national popular vote) by 3.5 million and 3%. Hell no, there absolutely must be a rational explanation for why Bush won a state that he also won four years ago, and that reason must be vote fraud!

(Sidebar: Isn't it funny that in 2000, Gore's 500,000 vote popular vote win was "substantial" and the Electoral College "antiquated" to liberals...yet in 2004, a true 51% majority, 3.5 million and 3% popular vote win "hardly represents a mandate and isn't really that big", and the Electoral College is now en vogue again?)

Good grief, you would think that the masters of the vote fraud game would be able to smell real vote fraud! I mean, the election of 1960 was rife with it by Dems in Texas, Missouri, and Illinois. So was Gore's dirty work in Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Iowa in 2000. Not to mention dead Indians in South Dakota for Senator Tim Johnson in 2002. As well as the aforementioned 2004 WA governor's race. The list is endless. And these charlatains want to accuse the good guys of fraud? Uh, "Hello, Mr. Pot! I'm Mr. Kettle!"