Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Richard Gere's global arrogance

Wow. I knew Gere was a leftist loony when, in 2001, he was roundly booed in NYC when he suggested to the audience that we "rise above" the concept of retribution and show the world how peaceful we can be. NYC just had 3,000+ of its citizens slaughtered by blood-thirsty Islamofascists, and Gere thought it'd be magnanimous of us to offer a collective group hug...instead of pounding al Qaeda and its Taliban sponsors into oblivion. He seemed genuinely surprised at his chilly reception...after all, wasn't NYC supposed to be liberal?

Liberal? Yes. American? Damned skippy!

Anyway, Gere's trying his hand at international politics again. This time, urging Palestinians to vote in their upcoming election. Nothing wrong there...except for what follows in this NBC piece (bold letters are my emphasis, not the story's):

Actor Richard Gere has recorded a TV commercial urging Palestinians to vote in their election Sunday.

In a transcript obtained by The Associated Press, he said: "Hi, I'm Richard Gere, and I'm speaking for the entire world. We're with you during this election time. It's really important: Get out and vote."

Appearing with Gere in the spot are the head of the Islamic court in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the spokesman for the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem.

The spot is apparently an attempt to use both glamour and religion to get Palestinians to the polls. It will air soon. It's unclear what kind of sway Gere may have with Palestinians. One man who appeared with him in the spot said he'd never heard of Gere.

The ad will be aired on Palestinian TV and Arabic satellite channels in the next few days.

This man's arrogance knows no boundaries! I do find it funny, though, that Palestinians have never heard of him.