Thursday, February 17, 2005

Back surgery

Looks like yours truly may need some back surgery. In the noble quest of getting in shape, I appear to have herniated four discs in my back. Actually, it may have had nothing to do with working out on the Bowflex, but who knows? Anyway, two are minimal, one is moderate, and one is severely herniated. I've been having tingling in my left leg since November, but only recently has it become unbearable.

So my writing may become a little more limited henceforth. Only time will tell.

Hey, it just hit me! Damned shame that I'm not in Cuba, where I could get free back surgery! Granted, I'd have to suffer for another several months while on a waiting list, but at least my drugs to kill the pain in the interim would be free, right? On second thought, I'll pay my $50 co-pay and be operated on much sooner by a much more competent doctor here in the good ol' US of A.