Tuesday, February 15, 2005

MSM turning on Kerry...why?

The Godfather mentioned an AP and a Reuters story that had unflattering references to Kerry in their latest article, and it makes me wonder...why? The Godfather thinks that it's because the MSM is hitching their trailer to a new horse, and I'm guessing that horse's ass...er, horse's name...is Hillary. From the Godfather:
Earlier today the AP had a story on John Kerry, referring to him as having lost last year's election decisively and that this election was over national security, and I observed quite poignantly that seeing that characterization of John Kerry's loss in the mainstream press was a first for me. And now there's a Reuters story out today, and the same thing, something's going on out there. The mainstream press is aligned with somebody, and it isn't Kerry. Listen to this.

"Democratic Senator John Kerry, whose baffling explanation of votes on Iraq war funding hurt his White House bid…" Where was this during the campaign because it was as baffling then as it is today, but only today does Reuters say his explanation of his votes on funding was baffling. So two quasi-hit pieces on John François Kerry on the same date. Now, this story, though, actually goes further.

"Democratic Senator John Kerry, whose baffling explanation of votes on Iraq war funding hurt his White House bid, said today he would back President Bush's new $81.9 billion request for Iraq and Afghanistan. 'I think we're in a very different situation. I'm going to vote for this. I think this money is important to our being successful and the completion of the process.'"

This is called learning your mistakes. Now he's going to vote for it, and they admit that his explanation in the campaign was baffling? Now, wait, he says he's going to vote for it, but he might vote against it still. It's John Kerry, don't forget.
After all, he actually did vote for the $87 billion, before he voted against it. He says this funding vote is a "very different situation." How so, Monsieur?