Friday, February 11, 2005

Hollywood billboards

Is this awesome or what?

This billboard is appearing around Hollywood and Beverly Hills in several locations. Keep it up, glitterati! You're constantly losing elections for your side!

I recall in November 2000, when I lived in Memphis, that on Election Day, there were three visitors that flew in from LA: faux president Martin Sheen, "Meathead" Rob Reiner, and Seinfeld starlet Julia Louis-Doofus. They went on TV, as well as knocking door-to-door, to implore the good people of Memphis to turn out en masse and vote for "home state favorite son" Al Gore. Sheen proclaimed the day "President Al Gore Day"!

Gore did win minority-dominated Memphis, but that was about it for him...he lost his "home" of TN by about 80,000 votes. So much for celebrity pull!