Saturday, February 12, 2005

DNC implodes, names Dean new DNC chief

The party that has been losing elections on a regular basis for the last 10+ years has named Howard Dean as its new chief. Most conservatives and libertarians are absolutely thrilled with the pick, as are most liberals. The difference is, the libs that are happy now will likely not be thrilled after 2006 and 2008 elections.

Dean said the following during his acceptance speech:
We cannot run 18-state presidential campaigns and expect to win. People will vote for Democratic candidates in Texas and Utah and West Virginia if we knock on their door, introduce ourselves and tell them what we believe. That's what organization allows us to do.
Sure, Howard! The best way to woo voters in Bush Country, Mormon Country, and Mountain Country is to tell the citizens of those states what your party wants:

  • God out of school, public life, and anything else you can get Him out of;

  • Elimination of their guns;

  • Gay marriage and adoption of children;

  • The military being used for "Meals on Wheels" only, certainly NOT for defense purposes;

  • Expansion of the welfare state;

  • Opposition to educational choices due to your symbiotic relationship with bloated bureaucratic teachers unions, the ones that put Heather Has Two Mommies in kindergarten classrooms;

  • More abortions, and certainly no limit on teenage abortions or late-term partial-birth abortions.

    Yeah, Howie, in red states, those stances will go over about as well as a fart in church. I tell you, for a national party that tries to fashion itself as being not totally liberal and being able to relate to red state Americans, what have they done recently? They picked a detached, effete New England liberal to be their presidential candidate in 2004, and they picked another detached (and deranged) effete New England liberal to be their party's leader! Smooth, liberals, really smooth!

    He is correct, though, in his first sentence: trying to win 18 states hasn't worked well in the past two presidential elections. However, trading a flip-flopping liberal for a hot-headed popping-off ranting nutcase liberal just doesn't strike me as a smart move. Only time will tell if there's a method to the left's madness.

    By the way, here is the famous "I Have a Scream" howl that the new DNC chief is famous for.