Thursday, February 10, 2005

Obscure paranoid Minnesota Senator not seeking re-election in 2006

Mark Dayton, one-term Senator from Minnesota, is not seeking re-election. I guess 48% approval ratings, closing your Senate office due to imagined terrorist threats, and calling the popular Dr. Rice a liar during Senate confirmation hearings all add up to certain "electile dysfunction" for Dayton.

Sidebar on the alleged terrorist threat: How would that transpire?

Osama bin Laden: "Where shall we strike next? White House? Camp David?"
al Zarqawi: "How about the U.S. Senate?"
OBL: "Great idea! Find out where Frist and Reid are, then let them have it!"
aZ: "Actually, sir, I think we'd do FAR MORE damage to American morale if we struck the office of Mark Dayton!"

Full story here.