Friday, February 11, 2005

Rove: Clinton was right about Social Security

I've been harping on the fact that Clinton used to preach about "saving Social Security" (or, to use the DNC/MSM talking points, "shore up Social Security") for a while now. Finally, the political genius Karl Rove has joined in. Few things illustrate liberal hypocrisy better than using their idol Bill Clinton's words against them. Rove mentioned this on Fox News' Hannity & Colmes:
"Al Gore reiterated the point often," yet now Democrats insist there is no crisis, Hannity added.

Said Rove, "Well, again, the mantra of some Democrats. Give them the benefit of the doubt. But you're right. President Clinton did a courageous thing when he pointed out the looming insolvency of Social Security. I mean, we face a demographic time bomb that's going to go off with certainty. We may disagree as to what month exactly it happens, but the Social Security Trust Fund cannot sustain the program."
First of all, only a dolt would defend the current Social Security system. Harry Reid seems to be doing just that, ergo he is a dolt.

Secondly, libs like to mention the motives behind SS reform attempts. Hey, that's absolutely fair game...we should always question the motives of any and all politicians. No dispute there. So let's look at motives behind SS reform.

Bush wants private accounts, while libs don't want to part with government control over your life. When Clinton wanted reform, he wanted it so he could give an excuse as to why the surplus (which, by definition, means we were overtaxed) shouldn't be returned to us in the form of a tax cut/rebate...because parting with the tax money would mean that libs would have one less way for government to control our lives.

Do we see a pattern here?