Sunday, February 20, 2005

Libs: Let convicts vote!

Noting "voting irregularities", such as the dwindling number of people voting for them, liberals have come up with a type of outreach program of sorts: allowing convicted felons to vote. Story here.

Currently, some states do not automatically restore felons' voting rights when they are released from prison. Some kinda crap about "proving themselves fit for society" or some heartless mantra, I guess. Florida is one such state. Under Her Highness (Shrillary Clinton) and John F'ing Loser Kerry's plan (hey, he may finally come up with legislation that has eluded him for 20 years!), the libs would expand their base by adding convicted felons to the electorate.

Well, considering that felons are already voting for them, along with dead people, pets, illegal aliens, and terrorists...I don't know why the left needs to posture to make the convicts happy! They've already got a lock on their votes!

It looks like Dems learned from the last several elections: when you keep losing, find more votes, however unsavory the sources may be!

One more gem from this story, from Mr. Heinz himself:
Kerry, who lost the national contest by 3.3 million votes nationwide and 118,000 within Ohio, denied the bill was an attempt to discredit the 2004 results.

"This has nothing to do with me," said Kerry. "It is not partisan, or shouldn't be."
Riiiiiiiiiight...which would explain why he was at the photo-op to begin with! Because it's not about him! Or maybe..."it wasn't about me, before it was about me!"