Wednesday, February 02, 2005

MSM duped with captured American soldier hoax

The MSM (mainstream media) jumped all over the story they thought would damage Bush: a captured American soldier in Iraq, threatened with certain death. Turns out that the video that showed an American soldier with a machine gun pointed at his head...was actually footage of a toy soldier with a toy gun pointed at him! Click here for a picture, if it's still there.

As soon as the MSM discovered that they had been duped, they ran the clarification story...and removed it from most of their web sites in the same day!

According to the Grapevine:

An Islamist Web site has posted a photo of what it claims is an American soldier held hostage, with a gun pointed at his head, with a threat that he’ll be killed in 72 hours unless Iraqi prisoners are leaving. The Web site says, "Our Mujahedeen heroes of Iraq’s Jihadi Battalion (search) were able to capture American military man, John Adam, after killing a number of his comrades and capturing the rest."

But the thing is, the U.S. military says no American soldier have been reported missing. And an American toy maker, Dragon Model USA (search), notes the soldier bares a striking resemblance to it Special Ops action figure named Cody. Pentagon officials say terrorists are "getting really desperate."
So, to recap:

Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard is more than 30 years old, yet is still newsworthy to this day. A story run in a day about a catpured soldier that turned out to be embarassing to the MSM is pulled in the same day!

The Godfather said today: "Dan Rather will stand by the toy soldier hostage story and say that even though it's been confirmed it's a toy soldier, that the story is still accurate." Now that's funny!