Wednesday, April 13, 2005

DeLay corrupt to pay wife and daughter; not so for leftist Congressman

"Good enough for me, but not for thee", eh liberals? Story here.

Congressman Bernie Sanders is a Socialist from Vermont. You'll see him referred to by the MSM as an "Independent", because he's not a Democrat or Republican. But he is a member of the Socialist Party. Not surprisingly, he caucuses with the Democrats in the House. Yet Dems try to distance themselves from socialism? ...but I digress.

Anyway, Tom DeLay has taken quite an MSM-induced beating over hiring family members to work in his campaign. Well, it turns out that so has Comrade Sanders. Predictably, the Democrats in the story don't seem to think it's the same kind of thing with Sanders. "Well, it's different than DeLay, because the amount that Sanders paid is less than what DeLay paid." I see...enriching family members with campaign funds funneled to the family is OK, so long as it doesn't exceed a certain amount. And what is that certain amount? Well,'s less than whatever the Republicans are paying!

These hypocrites know no shame. Instead, they giggle like prepubescent teenie boppers slumbering on a Friday night while talking about Joey Bagadonuts. They giggle because they know that due to their friends in the MSM, they won't be held to the same standards as conservatives and libertarians would.