Monday, April 18, 2005

Liberal media seeks DeLay's scalp with GOP assist

I'm not late to the punch here. I haven't commented much on the DeLay issue, because anyone who follows this blog likely knows that the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the press are after Tom DeLay, and they want him personally and politically destroyed. The latter is fair game, while the former is not.

A HUGE problem I have, though, is that the discredited New York Times went fishing for a story by a Republican that was anti-DeLay. They contacted former Representative Bob Livingston, who was Speaker of the House right after Newt Gingrich (until he confessed to an extramarital affair and resigned thereafter). When Livingston told the NYT that he would be glad to write a pro-DeLay column, the Times told him in so many words: "Don't call us...we'll call you!" Livingston concludes that the libs are after DeLay because he's been an effective leader.

The nation's largest fishwrap wasn't interested in that! I mean, just how in the hell are you supposed to defame someone when people in his own party have the temerity to say nice things about him? Geez, that's no fun!

Personally, I don't care about DeLay one way or the other. He seems like a pretty abrasive and arrogant man. Having said that, seeing the MSM go after him reflexively makes me want to see him screw the left really hard and come out on top.