Thursday, April 14, 2005

Only Bill Clinton may humiliate his wife

An excellent column points out a recent episode where Bill Clinton said that gay Republican strategist Arthur Finkelstein, who recently married his male partner, "may be blinded by self-loathing."

Ah yes...those tolerant liberals! Those same liberals who are committed to diversity, yet trash every homosexual (Jeff Gannon, Arthru Finkelstein), black (Condi Rice, Colin Powell, J.C. Watts, Clarence Thomas, Janice Rogers Brown), Latino (Mel Martinez, Linda Chavez, Miguel Estrada), or any other minority that dares to stray from the liberals' plantation.

But is Bill Clinton doing his wife a favor? I mean, while the MSM will whitewash this, it's clear that hypocrisy knows no shame with these people! A man whose presidency is defined by his sexual behavior and his "skirt-chasing guilt" has the gall to criticize someone else's private behavior? And defending his wife over something trivial implies she cannot defend herself (which I have always believed to be the case, and Bubba's confirmed my suspicion).

For the record, Finkelstein clearly disagrees with his party's view on gay marriage. And...? So what? Politicians and their family/friends frequently disagree with their own parties: pro-choice Republicans, pro-life Democrats, pro-government Republicans, pro-American Democrats (don't laugh...some of them do exist)! Isn't that this diversity thing we keep hearing from these liberals...the same thing they're now trashing? Plus, Finkelstein didn't flaunt his sexuality...he chose to keep it personal and not public. It wasn't self-loathing, was irrelevant!