Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Democrats are suddenly AGAINST statistical sampling?

For years now, Democrats have wanted the U.S. Census to use a method called statistical sampling (instead of an actual head count) when determining population numbers, especially for Dem-friendly ethnic groups. They've said that minorities are underrepresented in the Census, and therefore underrepresented in Congress (since electoral votes, Congressional districts, etc., are based on Census numbers).

Fast forward to yesterday (May 2), where in Washington state, Democrats succesfully stole a gubernatorial election in November. Republican Dino Rossi won the vote by over 200, won after absentee votes were tallied by about 120 votes, and won after a machine recount by 42 votes. The Democrats "found" a "previously undiscovered" cache of ballots in liberal Seattle King County, and as luck would have it, "found" enough votes to overturn the election results. Republicans won a court challenge yesterday in wanting to apply a proportional analysis in illegal votes (for both candidates), which Democrats were fighting tooth-and-nail.

Democrats said the method amounts to statistical guessing. At the same time, they have been collecting evidence of illegal votes in GOP-leaning counties, and plan to use the same proportional analysis in court.

In arguments before Bridges, David Burman, an attorney for the Democrats, likened proportional analysis to flipping a coin. To overturn an election, "They have to be certain," he said. "Mathematical chances are not good enough."

Really? Not good enough when your candidate can be screwed, but certainly OK enough to gerrymander some Congressional districts that Democrats are unable to win at the ballot box, right?

To be fair, I do find it hypocritical that the GOP is now suddenly for sampling. Clearly, both sides are putting their finger in the wind on this one. However, with the fervor that the left has displayed in favor of sampling, I find their hypocrisy a bit more intense than that of the GOP.