Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Coverage of Durbin comments vs. Rove comments

Dick Durbin, a U.S. Senator (i.e. an elected politician, serving constituents in IL), calls behavior by our troops Nazi-like, and nary a peep by the MSM. Karl Rove, a political advisor (i.e. not a politician, serves the president and not the general public), floats a belief that liberals offered therapy and understanding for our attackers and the MSM is on him like Bob Byrd on a white bedsheet. Observe:
Chris Wallace: "Now let's check out a story you won't find on any other Sunday show. There's a new study out comparing how the media covered Senator Durbin's remarks about the treatment of prisoners and Karl Rove's speech about the response to 9/11. Here's what the Media Research Center found. On the Rove flap, which broke Wednesday night, ABC and NBC jumped on it, carrying stories Thursday night and Friday morning. But on the Durbin story, a very different reaction. ABC and NBC waited seven days, ignoring the entire controversy until Durbin apologized on the Senate floor. CBS never covered the story at all."
Nope...no media bias.