Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The only thing I'll say about the Jackson verdict

I haven't followed the Jackson trial much, so this is all I'm going to say about it.

I think Jacko's guilty as hell of being a pedophile. If Jackson had been convicted, I'd say that you'd have to charge the boy's mother with pimping out her child. I mean, the rumors have been afloat for over a decade now, and those alone would keep me from sending my kid over to Neverland! Since the mother was a scam artist and welfare queen, it could be logically deduced that she was looking for a payday. The sad thing is that she was willing to serve up her son in order to achieve it.

But her shadiness of character, and her lack of social graces while on the stand, made her an unsympathetic (and thus unbelievable) witness. Fair or not, that was how she was seen. So if Jacko diddled her boy, she did the boy no favors by her other actions (not just sending the chicken into the fox den).

Sadly, the verdict reminds me of the OJ verdict: most blacks rejoice, most whites are upset. The main difference is that I think most whites thought OJ would get convicted (due to the irrefutable DNA evidence), but many (if not most) whites thought Jacko would beat this rap.

Finally, the conclusion one may draw is this: It is OK to kill someone (OJ, Robert Blake) or molest children (Jacko) in California if you are famous. I laugh sarcastically when I hear lawyers argue that the system is NOT tilted to favor the famous. Justice can indeed be purchased.