Friday, July 22, 2005

Leftists on gay witch hunt

I thought liberals were supposed to be the tolerant ones when it came to gayness? Guess not. Link here, excerpt follows:
Just a caution for my male readers: if there are any extant photos of you from the '70's in plaid pants, better get rid of them now. And it's not just the evidence of questionable fashion sense. Apparently now that's the goods on being gay.

Call it the Mary Cheney Strategy. Call it desperation. Some on the Left have started a "maybe he's gay" whisper campaign against John Roberts.

It started with Manhattan Offender in a post yesterday asking "How Gay is This Guy?" and then he quoted Wikipedia's entry for Judge Roberts. He zeroed in on some really damning evidence from Roberts' youthful past: the all-male boarding school, studying French and Latin (gasp!), being a wrestler and, oh the horror, participating in choir and drama.
Damn. I studied French in college (as a minor), like watching wrestling, sang in the church choir as a kid, and was in the drama club my senior year of high school. I didn't realize that these things made me a pole-smoker. I guess the number of females I've boinked in my life is irrelevant...they were all a cover for my latent gayness. Dammit! I've been outed!

Also, these slimeballs sink even lower than Ted Kennedy's car off a certain bridge. They bring a little boy into it. The moonbats at Kos had some awful comments about John Roberts' son, Jack:
When Roberts thanked his family, he mentioned his son, Jack...Roberts' wife's face fell. It was like a poker tell. I think we should research Jack.
Wow. Digging up dirt on an innocent child, just to score some points against his old man. Have these people no shame?

Does it matter if John Roberts is gay? Does that make him more likely or less likely to adhere to the Constitution, even on gay-related issues like marriage, civil unions, adoption of kids, etc.? I thought the left always told us "Don't ask, don't tell!" I guess that only applies to trivial things like national defense, not monumentally important things like a Supreme Court nominee's toddler.

The Left didn't learn their lesson when they tried this with Mary Cheney and it backfired. John Roberts may have played Peppermint Patty back in the day, but here and NOW, the Left is playing Lucy with the football.
Knowing my two liberal friends on my blog, I am confident they vehemently condemn the kind of moonbat leftist rhetoric I've described above. I am confident that a good chunk, if not majority, of liberals read this kind of stuff and cringe, knowing it unfairly gives them a black eye.