Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Crazy Howie: "I'm the Dems' savior!"

From NewsMax:
DNC Chairman Howard Dean is now boasting that he's the savior of the Democratic Party, in a none-too-subtle slap at former party chief Terry McAuliffe, not to mention the last Democratic standard bearer, Sen. John Kerry.

Asked why he wanted to run the DNC, Dean told ABC's "The View" last week: "Somebody had to save the party."
Arrogant, isn't it? That's surprising, since Dems' never come across as arrogant, aloof elitists, do they? For those of you in blue states, the prior sentence was sarcasm.

How about this doozie?
But when it came to New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, Dean turned defensive, saying it wasn't Nagin's fault that the city's school buses weren't used to evacuate his trapped constituents.

"The school buses were controlled by the school board, not the mayor," Dean insisted. "You can't blame the mayor for that."
Thanks for clearing that up, Howie: it was local bureaucratic bungling that kept the buses from being used for evacuations! N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin couldn't have made an executive decision to commandeer the buses? Why no, he needed the school board to sign off on the deal! That is arguably the lamest excuse I've heard from the left yet as to why a few hundred buses weren't used to get people out of there, and instead became submerged. Had a Republican mayor done the same thing, is there a doubt that the MSM would be madder than Jesse Jackson in a packed room with NO cameras?

You're not doing Nagin any favors by flapping those gums, pal.