Thursday, September 22, 2005

Daschle to run for...president?

From the Washington comPost:
Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle's interest in public office isn't necessarily latent: he has set up a new political action committee and plans a Jefferson-Jackson Day speech in the politically pivotal state of Iowa.

Daschle, who was considered a possible candidate for president in 2004, has quietly eschewed most publicity since his defeat to Republican John Thune last November. But Steve Hildebrand, director of the new committee and Daschle's former campaign manager, said the well-known Democrat from South Dakota "is not going to rule out opportunities to play important roles in public service."

"It could be president, it could be vice president, it could be something else," Hildebrand said. "It could be nothing."
Could be in, "What do the folks back in South Dakota think about Tommy?"

I know what you guys are thinking: "He couldn't even win his home state as the Senate leader of his party, so how can he win his party's nomination for President?" Valid question, my friends, but you underestimate the sheer ignorance of the Democratic Party.

Think about last year, and the party's nominee for President: John F'ing Kerry. Here's the most liberal Senator in the country, a Jane Fonda clone in the Nam protest days, and an inconsequential legislator who had never passed a significant piece of legislation in his life. His only accomplishment since his medals (the ones he threw away...BEFORE he didn't) was to marry into wealth, which to the left, is somehow more honorable than inheriting it (unless you're a Kennedy).

Bush was vulnerable last year, no question about it. And the Democrats chose...Jean-Francois Kerry?

Needing to somehow convince the nimrods in red states that they were too supid to properly hear the Democrats' message, the savior of the Dems turned out to be...Howard "Primal Scream" Dean. He's since then gone on to notch abysmal donations, insult people in the states he purports to court, and causes enough humiliation to his party that some (not nearly enough) have begun to denounce him or distance themselves from him.

True, Tom Daschle didn't give a wet fart on a dry January Monday about the people and values of South Dakota, as evidenced by his day-after-Election-Day-2000 encouragement of Al Gore to steal an election from a man who won Daschle's state by 23%. In that act, Daschle told the people of South Dakota: "Screw you, hayseeds! You need a cultural D.C. elite like me to make this decision for you, since you obviously botched that at the ballot box! Geez, at least the bluehairs in Palm Beach County had an excuse...they couldn't read!" He fought the man that South Dakota loved (for those of you in blue states, that would be Bush) tooth and nail, and he paid dearly for his arrogance and nosethumbing last November.

However, Daschle wouldn't run for president for the folks of South Dakota. Hell, he doesn't live there anymore, and he barely lived there when he was Senator. No, he'd run for the left's elite and kook base. Therefore, it's not hard at all to believe he'd run for President, and that his party just may be stupid enough to nominate him.