Monday, September 26, 2005

Old Gray Hag making up stories...again

No, not Helen Thomas...the New York Times. From NewsMax:
Saying his paper "flunked" the test of basic journalistic fairness, New York Times public editor Byron Calame said Alessandra Stanley's Sept. 5 report claiming that the Fox News Channel's Geraldo Rivera "nudged" an Air Force relief worker out of the way so he could film himself rescuing a Katrina victim had been made up out of whole cloth.

"Since Ms. Stanley based her comments on what she saw on the screen Sept. 4, the videotape of that segment means everyone involved is looking at exactly the same evidence," Calame noted.

"My viewings of the videotape - at least a dozen times, including one time frame by frame - simply doesn't show me any 'nudge' of any Air Force rescuer by Mr. Rivera," the Times internal watchdog said, adding, "Ms. Stanley declined my invitation to watch the tape with me."
The story goes on to document other cases of the Hag's fabricating patterns:
Two weeks ago, columnist Paul Krugman was forced to admit that he falsely claimed media recounts in Florida showed Al Gore winning the 2000 presidential election. In August, a Times profile of Hillary Clinton changed a quote first reported by NewsMax where Clinton said she was "adamantly opposed to illegal immigrants."

In the toned down Times version, Clinton's opposition was to "illegal immigration" rather than the immigrants themselves.
Of course, who can forget Jayson Blair fabricating CBS News did with fake documents? However, for some strange reason, the left keeps granting undue credibility to the NYT.