Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Points to ponder: Kyoto

Points to ponder when hearing Euroweenies and American leftists blame Hurricane Katrina on Bush and/or the mythical "global warming":

1. Hurricanes, even category 4 hurricanes, have been around for centuries. Hurricane Camille destroyed the Gulf Coast in 1969, and Andrew devastated south Florida in 1992. This was years before Kyoto was even a wet dream to socialists everywhere.

Yet somehow, we are to believe that hurricanes caused before Kyoto had something to do with global warming? Or are we to believe that hurricanes that occurred before Kyoto had nothing to do with Kyoto...but those after Kyoto had everything to do with Kyoto?

2. The U.S. Senate rejected the Kyoto treaty 95-0 in 1997. For those of you in blue states, that means not a single Senator voted to support the treaty. To keep this simple for the blue-staters, understand that 1998 comes before 2001, which is when Bush was sworn in. So how is Bush's unwillingness to support a treaty that failed unanimously in the Senate (a Senate whose votes a President needs to ratify treaties) somehow indicative of his having "created" a killer hurricane? Ignoring the obvious facts that (a) man cannot create hurricanes, and if he could then (b) he would be able to stop the hurricanes he started...isn't it simultaneously galling and hilarious whenever a Democratic Senator bashes Bush for refusing to sign a treaty that they themselves won't support? How dare he agree with them!

3. It was either last year or the year before that we had the coldest winter in years! The "global warming" folks, looking stupider than usual, tried to change the rules of the game (surprise, surprise) by changing the terminology from "global warming" to "climate change." Once it got hot again (and rumor has it that this happens every year during a period of time known as "summer"), it was safe to call it "global warming" again. That is, until winter rolls around this year. Then, when it's as cold as a Hillary Clinton "get that damned Marine away from me" glare, the term will likely be switched back to "climate change."