Friday, September 02, 2005

Props where it's due

After complaints from me and from others across the blogosphere about other countries' (and the left's) silence with regards to international aid for Katrina victims, the world is responding. Thus, I will readily give props where it's due.

According to a number of blogs (including this one), the following countries and organizations of countries are aiding us with money, food, gasoline, manpower, military transport vehicles, or whatever else (see the blog link for specific details...too many to name here):

Spain, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Russia, Australia, Phillipines, Italy, China, Jamaica, Honduras, Greece, Venezuela, the Organization of American States, NATO, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Mexico, South Korea, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Last but not least, France may mobilize relief from the Caribbean. More countries will be on board after this post, so if the names of those countries don't appear here, don't assume that they're not helping...I just can't keep up. Research and find out for yourself.

It's nice to see some of the most vocal anti-American (or resentful of America) countries pitching in to help. This doesn't mean I won't be whacking them from this point forward, but it does mean that I acknowledge and appreciate their help. Also, I heard on the radio this morning that Bush-hating band Green Day is going to be helping out. As much as I detest those guys, they get props for this, too.

Unlike Undersecretary-General Jan Egeland, who complained that the U.S. was "stingy" in aid to tsunami victims while clearly ignoring the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars given by American individuals (must be that UN, anti-individual mentality) and businesses (not to mention American charities), I am not going to complain about how much or how little these countries give. Any help is appreciated. Plus, Egeland is singing a different tune. Via Michelle Malkin:
United Nations Undersecretary-General Jan Egeland, who oversaw relief efforts after the Indian Ocean tsunami in December 2004, offered Washington U.N. assistance in a formal letter to new U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton.

"The United Nations stands ready to help with any kind of disaster expertise that might be required ... in full recognition that the United States is the country in the world that possesses the greatest civilian and military search and rescue and recovery assets themselves," Egeland told Reuters in an interview.
My liberal friend Joshua accurately predicted that the left would come around and do the decent thing. True, many either started or are still politicizing this thing and sickly blaming Bush, blaming global warming (refutation here) or taunting the red state victims (see here, if you just feel like getting pissed off). But more and more are beginning to help, and I will acknowledge that. America is grateful.

UPDATE: Fats Domino had been missing in New Orleans, but he's been found and was taken somewhere (presumably a hospital).