Friday, February 24, 2006

Leffingwell pulling a Kerry?

If anyone makes any comparison between Kerry and me other than this one, I shall sacrifice a small furry creature in the name of the Swahili god of the underworld in order to put a curse upon you: "May the fleas of 1,000 camels ridden by patchouli-smelling jihadist apologists infest your hairy nether regions!"

I am beginning to reconsider my position on whether this port deal is that bad after all. No, not because of anything Bush has said or done. He hasn't moved me one iota. However, the more I see people like Gen. Franks talk positively about it, and the more I hear details from seemingly disinterested parties, the more I soften my opposition. I'm still uncomfortable with it, especially given the UAE's refusal to recognize Israel and their vow to remove them from the region, and especially since a Bushie (David Sanborn, Maritime Administrator of our DOT) used to be an executive for the same firm to whom we're thinking about giving the port deal. But I'm willing to hear more perspectives.

So...I guess it's fair to say "I actually did oppose the port deal...before I didn't!" LOL! However, I'm not saying I'm sold on the idea...only that I am not as reflexively opposed as I once was. I would still like to hear my concerns addressed relating to the UAE anti-Semitic culture, past ties to Osama bin Laden, possible Bush cronyism with that Sanborn guy, etc.

I will, though, continue to stand by my assertion that the quote about how Americans "don't need to worry about security" was a stupid thing to say. I also retain my ire that of all of the things for Bush to make his first veto on, the ports deal would trump the runaway spending, campaign finance, subsidized drugs, etc. It seems that Bush just does an incredibly sh#tty job of getting his message out, and I am far from the only one who thinks so.