Sunday, February 19, 2006

Osama...or Durbin the Turban?

Don't get mad at me, folks...I didn't start this war of words! From MSN:
Osama bin Laden promised never to be captured alive and declared the U.S. had resorted to the same “repressive” tactics used by Saddam Hussein, according to an audiotape purportedly by the al-Qaida leader that was posted Monday on a militant Web site.
In drawing the comparison to American military behavior in Iraq to that of Saddam, the speaker said:

"The jihad is continuing with strength, for Allah be all the credit, despite all the barbarity, the repressive steps taken by the American Army and its agents, to the extent that there is no longer any mentionable difference between this criminality and the criminality of Saddam."
Wasn't it Senator Dick Turban Durbin who said the same things about American soliders?

No, that's not true! Durbin compared our soldiers to Nazis, Pol Pat, Stalin...but never Saddam! It's wrong for me to put those extra words in Durbin's mouth, so in fairness, I guess the comparison between Osama's statement and Durbin the Turban's statement isn't fair!