Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Why I really oppose the UAE port deal

The single biggest reason that anyone should oppose the UAE port management deal: Jimmy Carter thinks it's a great idea. More:
President Bush is taking a battering from fellow Republicans, even the governors of New York and Maryland, over the administration's support for a decision that gives an Arab company control of some commercial operations at six major seaports -- including Miami-Dade's.

But he got a boost Monday from an unlikely source, frequent critic and former president Jimmy Carter, who downplayed fears that the deal poses a risk.

"The overall threat to the United States and security, I don't think it exists," Carter said on CNN's The Situation Room. "I'm sure the president's done a good job with his subordinates to make sure this is not a threat."
If the biggest moral relativist and terrorist-sympathizer of our time thinks it's a good idea, then it's a safe assumption that it is most certainly not a good idea!