Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dems: DSL for everyone!

A universal right to broadband Internet service? That must be a Constitutional right found within the same amendment as the universal right to a Sealy posturepedic! From CNS News:
The Republican Party has wondered what's taking Democrats so long to unveil their election-year agenda. Amid press reports that it will happen any day now, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday offered what amounts to a draft version.
Pelosi also mentioned the Democrats' "Innovation Agenda" to maintain America's leadership role in the global economy.

America lags behind other countries that have universal broadband deployment, Pelosi said; but the Democrats' agenda "guarantees" that every American will have affordable access to broadband within five years.
Cool! I'm tired of paying for my cable Internet service, so you folks are going to do it for me! Much appreciated, my friends!

Hey, at least credit the Dems for having an idea in the first place, even if it's as stupid as that one is.