Monday, April 03, 2006

Liberal rag advocating socialism

This is fantastic! Libs for years now have been trying to convince the electorate that they're not socialists, yet here is the left's preeminent fishwrap The Nation advocating socialism to the highest degree. The article is entitled "The Left Needs More Socialism", and I couldn't agree more! Seriously, guys, heed the advice that The Nation dispenses...please! Excerpts:
It's time to break a taboo and place the word "socialism" across the top of the page in a major American progressive magazine. Time for the left to stop repressing the side of ourselves that the right finds most objectionable. Until we thumb our noses at the Democratic pols who have been calling the shots and reassert the very ideas they say are unthinkable, we will keep stumbling around in the dark corners of American politics, wondering how we lost our souls--and how to find them again.
Among Americans it has long since become obvious that the left is doomed without a vision, a sense of direction and an effective call to arms. One of the reasons we are having such tough sledding nowadays is that we have been unable to develop our own compelling alternative to those created by the right and the center over the past generation and embodied in the politics of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. We need to point to a clearly different direction from the one in which the United States and the world are heading. We need to spell out a historical diagnosis and project, a strategy and tactics, and root these in widely shared ultimate values.
They recognize that the left has been losing elections, and they (partly) correctly attribute those losses to the inability to offer compelling alternatives to the electorate. Their solution? Socialism! Yeah, that will resonate with the voters, won't it? As for the "widely shared ultimate values", here's guessing that latté liberals wouldn't know what "widely shared" values are since they don't fraternize or relate with anyone outside of their blue elitist islands. Continuing:
Today, when the bottom line is touted as the answer to every question, Americans are imprisoned in a mental world shaped by economic trends.
Fortunately for you, my loyal readers, I am well versed in translating Leftistani, so allow me to translate that sentence for you: "Americans have seen that socialism just doesn't work and it punishes the producers and achievers, so we need to get around that pesky reality and try it one more in America!" Yes, we Americans actually expect results, an expectation with which the left doesn't trouble itself. Therefore, when a demonstrable failure such as socialism is rejected in America, the left tries to find a way to foist it on us anyway. Apparently, we're just too stupid to (a) realize the brilliance of socialism and to (b) look beyond its inherent failure.

This same leftist fishwrap also has an article, with all kinds of socialist contributors, entitled "Taming Global Capitalism Anew" to hammer home their anti-capitalism message. Fun for the whole family, huh?

So please, Dems...pick up this strategy and run with it! We here in normal America are begging you to do it!