Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One woman's treason is another woman's Pulitzer

From RCP:
Mary McCarthy, special assistant to President Clinton and senior director of intelligence in his White House, has been fired by the CIA.

McCarthy allegedly told The Washington Post our NATO allies were secretly letting the CIA operate bases on their soil for the interrogation of terror suspects. Apparently, McCarthy failed several polygraph tests, after which she confessed.

If true, she was faithless to her oath, betrayed the trust of her country, damaged America's ties to foreign intelligence agencies and governments, and broke the law. The Justice Department is investigating whether McCarthy violated the Espionage Act.

Yet, while she may be headed for criminal prosecution and prison, the Post reporter to whom she leaked intelligence on the secret sites, Dana Priest, just won a Pulitzer Prize for revealing the existence of these sites.
Actually, the EU's investigation disputes the existence of these sites. Believe what you wish.

(Sidebar about McCarthy: she was appointed by another compromiser of national security...Sandy Burglar, er, Berger! Does this story get better or what?)

Many avenues of the MSM refer to Ms. McCarthy (a DNC- and Kerry-donor) as a "whistleblower", in order to give her treason a positive connotation. This whole McCarthy affair shows the left's hypocrisy:

Revealing the name of a well-known non-covert CIA desk jockey who recommended her hubby for a public jaunt to Niger (and then lied about it) is a violation of the law and an unconscienable act of malevolence; but...

Sharing classified national intelligence with an MSM outlet, in direct violation of the law and her oath of office and compromising our war on terror, is an act of heroism and courage and should be applauded?

Thanks for telling us which side you're on, liberals...and as usual, it's not America's!