Sunday, April 30, 2006

Quote of the weekend, part II

From actor Jake Gyllenhaal:
Movie star JAKE GYLLENHAAL has shocked American Gulf War veterans by joking they did nothing but "masturbate" during their time in the desert in 1991. The cheeky 25-year-old stars in JARHEAD, a movie exposing the US soldiers' lack of combat in the Middle Eastern conflict. He said, "The US soldiers were sent to the desert for 122 days and they sat in the same tent and did nothing, except a little too much masturbating."
It's difficult to pass up a reference to his Village People-like portrayal in Brokeback Mountain (or Humpback or Bareback or Brokedick or Backdoor or whatever the hell it was) and his mentioning self-gratification...but I'll try!

"Dammit, Sarge, I wish I could quit you!" Sorry...guess the temptation was too much!

He's an avowed liberal...but hey, they support the troops, right?