Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Illegal alien" is racist?

The regular visitors here are well aware of the fact that I don't play this P.C. bullsh#t. I call things like I see them, and if that makes me politically incorrect, then I'll wear my P.I. badge with honor.

Today's excursion into the sick world of political correctness comes from a Latino ambulance chaser who thinks using the term "illegal alien" to describe foreigners (hence the "alien" part) who have broken the law (hence the "illegal" part) is racist. Observe:
Appearing on KLIF Radio’s Gregg Knapp show, attorney Domingo Garcia said that using the terms illegal alien or illegal immigrant is a “racial slur”. Garcia said that those who use it, in reference to Hispanics, are racist.

Knapp advised Garcia that using the term “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants” is an accurate term applied to [their] legal vs. illegal status in the country and a true depiction of the fact that they are illegal. Garcia said: “Using words like illegal alien is like calling people derogatory calling people ni&&er!”
I took the liberty in removing the double-g from the last word.

Garcia is using two leftist tactics here. One is to remove the meaning of words that accurately (though unflatteringly) describe or define something that normal people find objectionable. The other is to lazily and deviously avoid any kind of intellectual honesty by tossing out unfounded charges of racism in the hopes that the person holding the correct point of view will begin focusing on disproving the allegation of racism instead of focusing on the original topic or point. Sadly, the latter technique is still frequently effective...though not here!

So, with all due respect to amigo Garcia, they are "illegal aliens" regardless of whatever country from whence they came. Period. Habla inglés, hombre?