Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Greenpeace vs. Kennedrunk?

As usual, the left has one set of rules for us and another for themselves. Observe:
The infamous environmental group Greenpeace is targeting Sen. Ted Kennedy for opposing a wind farm in the Nantucket Sound because it would interfere with the view from his Hyannis Port mansion.

Greenpeace is launching a nationwide TV ad campaign against Kennedy, with spots that portray the Massachusetts Democrat as Godzilla.

The Cape Cod Times reports:

"In the 30-second spot, a cartoon Kennedy looms over the water like a Japanese movie monster, pounding wind turbines as they sprout from the water, and barks, 'I might see them from my mansion on the Cape.'"

Kennedy's nephew, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a leading environmentalist who urges Americans to cut back on energy consumption and who blamed Bush environmental policies for Hurricane Katrina.

But he, too, opposes the wind farm in Nantucket Sound - going so far as to argue that it would cause pollution.
While America's most pampered blue-bloodline (memo to moonbats: that would be the Kennedys and not the Bushes) preaches to us about the need for clean alternative energy sources, they are personally fighting such efforts because their pristine view from their Cape mansion might be blighted at the sight of enviro-friendly energy sources.

Then again, considering the gas-guzzling limos, planes, and yachts that the "pro-environment" Kennedys own, one should not be surprised by their two-faced position here.