Thursday, April 27, 2006

ABC News has a problem with Tony Snow as prez spokesdude?

Talk about gonads the size of grapefruits (easy, Congressman Frank...calm down)! The same network that hired Clintonista mouthpiece George, Stephanopoulos...thinks it's improper that Bush chose Tony Snow to be his spokesman. From ABC News:
There's just something about Fox News.

Not only does the cable giant have more than twice as many primetime viewers as the closest competition, but it's often the network of choice for the White House administration in terms of big-name interviews.
Certainly, the White House offers exclusives to all the networks, including ABC. Media expert Howard Kurtz of The Washington Post says the Fox-White House relationship isn't the problem here.

"The problem is that there is a perception that they've treated all the press corps with disdain," Kurtz said. "That is more of an issue than what their favorite news channel happens to be."
With all of the love that the MSM has showered on Bush since his 2001 inauguration, I can't imagine why the man would hate them! For those of you on the left, the prior sentence was sarcasm.

Kurtz is being disingenuous when he says that he doesn't care about the "Fox-White House relationship." After all, the non-FNC networks were graced with Bubba's love for eight years, and they reciprocated. Then again, with the exception of Hillary, who wasn't graced with Bubba's love? But I digress.

I've heard many a talking heads say "A-ha! Proof that Fox News has a GOP and Bush White House bias!" in the Snow hiring. Oddly enough, I've heard very few acknowledgements of leftist bias from these same people when you mention that NBC's Tim Russert worked for Mario Cuomo (Democrat), or little-watched MSNBC's Chris Mattews worked for Tip O'Neill (Democrat). Nosiree, Russert and Matthews and Snuffy can work for Dems and no one will question their network employers' impartiality!