Monday, May 01, 2006

Reflections on "Flight 93"

I saw "Flight 93" (not to be confused with the movie "United 93" in theaters right now) this weekend. Every American should be required to see it, for several reasons. The main reason is to remind them that the events of Sept. 11 changed us forever, and that we face an enemy that wants us dead. For those of you on the left, that enemy is Islamic fundamentalism and not George W. Bush. Also for those of you on the left, some bad things happened on Sept. 11, case you weren't aware.

I watched the scene where a young girl (in her 20's, it appeared) was on the plane and called her mother on a cell phone to tell her goodbye. There was not a dry eye in the joint when that conversation was portrayed. There were several other scenes that were similarly moving, but that one stands out to me more than the rest.

After the movie was over and I had recomposed myself, I couldn't help but stew in anger over a number of things: the pure unadulterated evil that coursed through the veins of the Islamofascists who pulled this off and their cheering supporters; the failure of our bureaucratic infrastructure and in-fighting (yes, from both this and prior administrations); but probably most of all, the short attention span of Americans.

In a society that cares more about who wins American Idol that who wins the global war on terror, many of us seem to ignore the fact that we have not been attacked on our soil in damned near five years since that horrific day (libs, feel free to Google Sept. 11, 2001, in case the reference escapes you). How have we escaped such an attack? Is it because we have taken the fight to the terrorists who want us all dead (regardless of whether or not we voted for Bush in 2000 or 2004)? Maybe it's because we're listening in on their conversations...or we were, until the NYT blew that cover. Whatever the reasons may be, the fact is that this country and its administration are trying their best to prevent a 9/11 from happening again.

Yet day after day, year after year, we get nothing but sniping from the ingrates in this country who fail to appreciate that! I mean, there isn't a damned thing wrong with voicing objections and grievances to or about our elected officials if the purpose is to get some kind of actual resolution to said objections/grievances. However, color me with the cynical crayon, but I attribute the left's bitching more to sick and perverted desire for political gain and in no way whatsoever related to genuine concern for the security of this country nor the desire to defeat the Islamic terrorists that want their ungrateful asses dead!

Segueing with the prior post, I'd like to close with this invitation: if you people on the left have an actual and sincere desire to squash Islamic terrorism, then (a) I'd be friggin' amazed and (b) let the rest of us in on your secret plan on just what you think will accomplish the goal! Seriously, we'd love to hear it. There have been a large number of missteps in fighting the war on terror, so please enlighten us on how you think said missteps can be overcome. I mean, you guys think you're so much smarter than normal America, so how about wowing us with some of that imagined brilliance and tell us how to stop these bastards...whattaya say?

George W. Bush is not the enemy, Qaeda and their ilk are the enemy. Once Bush is gone in January of 2009, a new president (of either party) will be sworn in and the enemy will still be plotting to kill us all!