Monday, May 01, 2006

"Show me how"

Thanks to Old Soldier for passing this on to me over the weekend. This is an excellent op-ed from Confederate Yankee that every "peace activist" should respond to, if they care to be taken seriously (which, through their pot-smoke patchouli-smelling haze, I don't think they care if they are taken seriously or not). After noting how the MSM pays attention to the anti-war protestors...:
You know what? I want this war over, too.

I want all the fighting to stop, for our troops to come home. I want to never again fear the sound of jet engines carried upon the wind under bright blue skies. I want to never again turn on the news to see that a suicide bomber in an Tel Aviv or Bali or London or Poughkeepsie made widows and widowers and orphans for his bloodthirsty god. I want to be able to do without these concerns.

Show me how.

Show me how to stop bin Laden's planes and Zarqawi's swords with Peace and Love and warm squishy visions of Equality and Justice. Show me how a hug can stop an IED. Explain how constantly apologizing for simply being who I am will stop their lust for killing me for simply wanting to exist.

Please do that. Find a solution. Go beyond your recycled rhetoric and show me how to co-exist with those who will murder the whole world for their thuggish god.

But that would be too hard, and it isn't really your goal, is it? You exist to complain, not resolve. Resolving is so... messy.

You can't bring your cute three year-old daughter to solve the real problems of the world. You can't even acknowledge the world is not a Benneton ad. There are people who want to murder that cute little girl simply because she is an American. Simply because she is a Christian, or a Jew, or a Wiccan. Simply because she wants to go to school, or chose her own fate, or grow up to think for herself, and not bend to their god's rigid dictums of what he says she must do and be and say.

So please, show me how wandering down well-guarded streets on a nice spring day wearing cake make-up, chanting and waving a fan, will keep planes from shattering glass and steel and bodies. Show me how your leisurely stroll stops Next Time from happening. Do that, and I'll be found waving the largest "Bush=Hitler" sign at the very next rally.

But that isn't how the world works is it?
I'm waiting.
Please read the whole thing. It's not long, and it is quite excellent.

A big collective group hug, a lifetime supply of falafel and couscous, and a free "Jihadis Gone Wild" DVD won't prevent these savages from wanting us dead. Pacifists may be content for dhimmitude to be imposed on America, but I am not.