Friday, June 02, 2006

Chuck the Schmuck: "Terrorists can strike the South, for all I care!"

Those weren't his words, but his sentiments. Liberal politicians have a knack for word parsing and massaging, but luckily for you good people here, I have a built-in and finely honed "Liberal Bullsh#t Translator" to interpret their crap. But I digress.

Anywho, NYC is getting more counterterrorism money than any other city...just not enough for their liking. This includes Rep. Peter King (R-NY). However, the following gem of arrogance comes from NY's senior Senator, Chuck "Identity Thief" Schumer:
"Other states that have very little problems got an increase, Georgia got a 40 percent increase. Somehow this administration thinks that Georgia peanut farmers are more at risk than the Empire State Building. Something is dramatically wrong."
I've got a few observations here.

1. Nice of Chuckie to finally remember that we are in a friggin' war right now, and his home city was struck by people who want him deader than Elvis! He lost 3,000+ of his countrymen that day. For those of you on the left, feel free to Google "Sept. 11, 2001" to help with your confusion.

2. The money that is going to Georgia is hardly going to "peanut farmers", you elitist #sshole. It's going to Atlanta. I doubt that I could find a single peanut farmer in the entire city of Atlanta.

3. Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta is the busiest airport in America. Does it not make a little bit of sense to beef up security or counterterrorism efforts there?

4. Most of us know that terrorists wish to strike us with biological weapons. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is in Atlanta, and they are the pre-eminent bioterrorism research facility in America. Who'd have thought that research goes on outside of NYC or DC, huh?

5. There are a lot of financial centers and tall corporate buildings in Atlanta, though I admittedly don't know how many of them are peanut distribution centers. Rumor has it that the Twin Towers were tall corporate buildings, too. See any similarities?

Tell me again why normal America sees liberal northeastern Democrats as snooty arrogant elitist self-important blowhards? Knowing the DNC, they'll pick another one of those to be their presidential candidate in 2008!