Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Left: Nixon defined by Watergate, unfair to define Rather with Memogate

The Godfather observes that the left likes to define Nixon (a liberal Republican who grew the government bigger than any Republican president, other than maybe the current one) with Watergate...but they tell us that it would be unfair to define Rather with the forged document story! On the MSM mentality:
I don't know why journalists -- just forget Dan Rather individually. Why should journalists be exempt from the same type of historical judgments? Why should journalists be exempt from profiles? I mean, journalists love to go out there and find out everything with their subjects: Where did they first go to school? When did they first have sexual relations? When did they do this? When did they do that? When did they wreck their first car? Who did they first murder? Blah, blah, blah. Try doing the same thing with a journalist, and you will have hell to pay.

"Why, we're immune to that! We're not the story. We're not the focus of the story. Who we are doesn't matter. We're just objective purveyors of the truth!"
Right...Rather was objective! And Monica Lewinsky is of Hispanic descent! Well, she did have "a little Cuban in her", didn't she? But I digress...