Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bubba: "I'd die for Israel"

Bill Clinton – who avoided serving in Vietnam – says he would take up arms and "fight and die" for Israel if Iraq attacks the Jewish state.

"If Iraq came across the Jordan River, I would grab a rifle and get in the trench and fight and die," the ex-president said to wild applause at a Jewish fund-raiser in Toronto.

Clinton made his bombshell remarks to 350 people who paid $1,000 to break bread with him on Monday night at a dinner for the Toronto Hadassah-WIZO children's charity.
Ah, yes...the "internationalist" in Bubba is shining through, isn't it? He didn't think too much of his own country during his anti-war days, and he didn't think that this country was worth dying for. However, he'd die for another country?

If you're not going to enlist in the defense of your own country, fine. But why would you be willing to die for someone else's country (yet not for your own), unless you just really hated your own country? Or, perhaps Bubba wouldn't even be willing to die for Israel but wanted some cheap applause from the Jewish fundraiser's attendees.

What?!? Bubba lying? Bubba disingeuous? Why, that's just crazy talk! For those of you on the left, this paragraph is sarcasm.