Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Israel unleashes fury"

Neal Boortz explains the situation in plain terms, terms so easy that even an anti-Semitic moonbat (or U.N. worker/diplomat...but I repeat myself) can understand it:
Some time back, the Hamas government in the Palestinian territories, itself a terrorist group, decided to kidnap an Israeli soldier. They want some prisoners released in exchange for the prisoner. No dice, says Israel...who rolls into Hamas territory with guns and bombs blazing. That war is ongoing.

Now, up North in Lebanon, that area is controlled by another Islamic terrorist group called Hezbollah. They decided it would be cute if they snuck across the border and grabbed two more Israeli soldiers. So they did...taking them both hostage. Israel decided that was an act of war, and they have responded with full firepower...just recently bombing the airport in Beirut. They have decided to clean house...and it's about time.

Now watch carefully the coverage in the mainstream media, the reaction at the United Nations and even the U.S. State Department. Because you see, those are all anti-Israel groups that want to appease the Islamic terrorists. Surely they had a reason for taking those Israeli soldiers hostage! It's Israel's fault...a response to the "occupation" of "Palestinian" territories. Nonsense.

All of this talk about the Middle East Peace process is a complete waste of time. A true, lasting peace will only be achieved through a decisive military victory. It's time for Israel to finish the job once and for all...and exterminate Hezbollah and Hamas from the face of the Earth...permanently.
I hope Israel tells the handwringing do-gooders of the world who can barely raise a whimper when it comes to condemning Islamofascist terrorism: "Bite my matzo balls!"