Thursday, August 31, 2006

Housecleaning at Crush Liberalism

Some blogs, such as Michelle Malkin's, once allowed comments and subsequently stopped, after moonbats began degrading the quality of public discourse. Some blogs, such as the Kos kooks, actually thrive off of moonbat guano and wouldn't exist without their droppings.

This one that is currently occupying your time, though, has always strived to dissuade moonbats and other nutbars from commenting. As the title bar states, "Thoughtful lefties welcome, moonbats are encouraged to drink Clinton Kool-Aid and flutter away." I'd like to think my regular "thoughtful" liberal visitors know that their contributions are welcome here, even if there is intense political disagreement on the positions. The 'bats, on the other hand, are not welcome.

Well, clearly the education system in this country just isn't what it used to be, because evidently reading is no longer being taught. Some people just can't seem to read the "flutter away" part. I suppose I should be somewhat thankful that this blog has become a "moonbat magnet" of sorts. After all, it's a sign that (a) I am getting under their skin, enough to make them get out of the welfare line long enough to hunt-and-peck profanity- (and insantity-) laced screeds; and (b) I must have finally "arrived" in the blogosphere.

I suppose that's to be expected, if you think about it. I mean, while I'm clearly nowhere near the levels of Little Green Footballs, Powerline, Michelle Malkin, or scores of other mega-popular blogs, I've come a long way since mid-2004 when I first started this thing: three-time mention on Slate, mention on CBS News' Blogophile, honorable mention on Open Media Group, and even a recipient of The Wide Awakes Radio Network host (and parody master) The Nose On Your Face's "Fake Quote of the Day" Award. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

Anywho, my point? Oh, point! As a result of the growing popularity of this blog (and I am thankful to all of you non-moonbats who have contributed, either by comments or just simply reading my drivel), I must strive to improve the product here to keep it moving in the right direction (no pun intended). Part of that endeavor means that I have to be more thorough about "taking out the trash"...specifically, the useless comments and commenters. I want my readers to be able to enjoy the dialog here, and it's hard for them to do that if they are subjected to a barrage of moonbat droppings.

Therefore, for now and the foreseeable future, comments will be moderated. Quite simply, that means that you will leave comments as you always do, but they will not immediately appear. They will not appear until I approve them. I will try my best to approve them as quickly as possible, keeping my comments administration tool (Haloscan) open all the time, and checking in periodically to approve/reject comments. With the exception of overnight hours, possibly holidays and weekends, and the always irritating ISP outage, there shouldn't be too many times that your comments will be pending for hours at a time. So please...unless you are a moonbat, do NOT stop commenting!

I'm a big boy. Rude and useless nutbar comments don't bother me. However, I know that they bother you, as many of you have told me. Me, I can delete them after only reading a couple of words or seeing who the sender is. If comment moderation is enabled, their pap will never see your eyes. This blog will be all the better for it.

That is all. Proceed as usual! :-)