Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How to "fast" properly

From Indepundit, talking with a Code Pinko:
Next, I ask Carrie how she's coping on her "Troops Home Fast" hunger strike. (audio)
“So, the last time I ate was on the Third of July...”

“...No, not really. I’m occasionally a little bored with fruit juice and water. And I also allow myself, occasionally, wine or some beer. A couple of nights ago, it was Amelia’s birthday, and we were down on the Eastern Shore, and they were eating lobster and soft-shell crab. I had beer... (laughs) and water.”
I never realized one could drink beer during a hunger strike.

I might have to try that sometime.
Commenter Skul (who leaves great comments here, too) made the following humorous comment:

"Dang!! I'm starting my hunger strike just as soon as I get home from work. Oh boy!"

Happy Hour =!