Thursday, August 31, 2006

Not enough protestors? Hire the homeless!

A "Death to Israel" moonbat rally in Salt Lake City was apparently going to be a little short of, shall we say, "photo-op", "protestors". Rather than import some out-of-staters, why not turn to the local "urban outdoorsmen"? From the Salt Lake Tribune:
One thing is undeniable today, Utahns are following these protests and rallies very closely. At the noon hour, a group of dusty construction workers are buying lunch at the 7-Eleven on Third West.

"I wonder what happened at that Death to Israel rally," says one. "What was that all about?"

When the hardhats learn that the organizer of the Death to Israel rally is offering $10 an hour to the homeless to be "surrogate protesters," they shake their heads.

"Better than minimum wage to sell your soul," says one.
Better than the packs of smokes that Gore handed out to the homeless in Wisconsin in 2000 to buy votes, too! These days, being a "domicile-challenged American" has its advantages at times, doesn't it?