Friday, February 02, 2007

Public service announcement from yours truly

UPDATE: I published this in August of last year, but I will occasionally bump this as a reminder and a public service announcement to my newer visitors.

This may sound like an infomerocial, but it's not. You'll thank me for this.

Have you ever visited a site, specifically (though not limited to) a news site, that required you to register just so you can read a damned article? Well, there is a solution. It may not get rid of pet hair, improve the resale value of your home, or curb air pollution, but it will get around that pesky and annoying registration requirement.

The solution: Bug Me Not. is a site where people have set up dummy accounts with these nosy web sites to allow others to access the content without having to register. For example, the New York Times (who seems to get bent at the perception of the feds invading privacy, but has no qualms about doing it to you if you want to read their pap) may have another "classified program exposé" that you want to read, but they ask for your user ID and password in order to show you the story. Well, simply go to and enter into the field and click the "Get Logins" button. You will see a list of usernames and passwords to use, so you don't have to register.

As much stuff as I read on the web, this site can really come in handy. Best of all, it's available for the low low price of $0.00. For those of you on the left who are accustomed to gravy-training off of the taxpayers, this should be especially welcome news for you! For the rest of us who support said gravy-trainers, the price is a welcome respite from the usual exercise of having our resources pilfered.

Bug Me Not: bypass compulsory registration!