Monday, August 14, 2006

Today omits Mackinac Bridge suspects' names

From Newsbusters:
Maruan Awad Muhareb. Adham Abdelhamid Othman. Louai Abdelhamied Othman.

Now you know the names of the three suspects arrested over the weekend, suspected in a plot to blow up the Mackinac Bridge, which connects Michigan's Upper and Lower peninsulas.

You wouldn't have known either their names or backgrounds had you relied on the Today show this morning for the information. According to the wife of one of the suspects, the men's families come from Jerusalem.

According to NBC reporter Janet Shamlian, who narrated a segment on the situation, those facing terrorism charges are "three Texas men." For all Today told us, the suspects could have been Bubba and the Boys, perhaps upset that the Detroit Tigers are leading the Texas Rangers in the American League.

The three are, of course, innocent until proven guilty. Perhaps it was just a misuderstanding, and they were buying cell phones not to use as detonators, but - as they claim - to resell at a profit back in Texas. Nevertheless, without the information on their backgrounds, Today gave us much less than half the story.
They don't mention the ethnicity...fine. They don't mention the religion...fine. But they don't even mention the names? liberal media bias!