Monday, August 28, 2006

Why you shouldn't vote for Dems, the GOP, or Libertarians

In case you can't really think of a decent reason to vote for a candidate or his/her particular party, at least have some ammo on why you'd vote against a party, right? Well, that's the sentiment from Neal Boortz:
Why you shouldn't vote Republican
  • They have absolutely no fiscal discipline whatsoever. No congress has ever blown money on vote-buying programs quite like the current Republican congress has.
  • There are far too many Republicans who want to take their personal religious blueprints for behavior and make them law.
  • The seem unwilling to press the advantage when it is theirs to press.
  • They're prudes.
  • Stem cell research.
  • Donald Wildmon
  • The McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act.
  • Democrats think that it's odd that the jails are so full while our crime rate is going down.
  • The Medicare Prescription Drug benefit for the Gimme Generation.
  • If they had their way, Terri Schiavo's soul would still not be at rest.
  • They pay more attention to K Street than they do to the American workers and businessmen carrying the load.
  • They can't even protect America's borders.
  • Do you want your kids to come home from a government school and tell you that the Earth is only 6000 years old?

    Why you shouldn't vote Democrat
  • They clearly will not defend America from Islamic Fascism ... not now ... not until the price of that defense is catastrophic.
  • They think terrorism is a law enforcement problem.
  • Their war against individualism.
  • They think America is great because of its government.
  • They seem to think that income is distributed, not earned.
  • They promote class warfare.
  • They have almost single-handedly destroyed black culture in America.
  • Hillary Clinton.
  • They're joined at the hip with teacher's unions.
  • Taxes can never be too high for Democrats.
  • They fully intend to destroy talk radio.
  • Their love of mob rule.
  • The fully intend to turn illegal aliens into Democrat voters.
  • Like the Republicans; they refuse to protect America's borders

    Why your shouldn't vote Libertarian
  • With over 50% of the American people harboring strong libertarian feelings, they can't manage to mount a viable third-party campaign. How would they manage to govern?
  • Not only will they not defend America's borders, they don't really think the borders need defending.
  • Though philosophically they're right, they fail to see that their "legalize drugs" agenda isn't exactly a winner with the American people.
  • They never jumped on eminent domain abuse as the party agenda. People will react when they think their property rights are being threatened .... and the Libertarians couldn't take advantage of this.
  • Have you seen the way some of the people at their convention dress?
  • I don't necessarily agree with 100% of these things, but overall, I concur. I actually prefer to vote for a candidate or a party rather than against them, but as I've noted before, it's awfully tough to do that these days. If campaign slogans were required to adhere to "truth in advertising" laws, a reasonable slogan would be "Vote for us, because while we really do suck...we suck much less than they do!"